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Brad Garner

brad-3-frameBrad Garner, RLA, GRP – Director of Operations

I joined Furbish in 2011, drawn to the firm’s deep commitment to environmental solutions and rigorous approach to the applied science of sustainable building. I believe that some of humanity’s greatest challenges are balancing economic and population growth with the realization that we are indelibly part of our planet’s ecosystems. I was inspired by Michael’s goals to create regenerative buildings that measurably improve the environment, targets far beyond accepted norms of building projects that just mitigate damage. I believe that our niche line of work contributes significantly toward those goals, and that energizes me. Before joining Furbish, I had a fulfilling career in landscape architecture, focusing on restoration of historic parks and security design. My experience in specification writing, construction document quality control, construction management, permitting and project management prepared me for the challenges of bringing innovative living systems to market. I obtained a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Mississippi State University. My partner and I live with two Labrador retrievers, behind an urban meadow in a solar-powered DC rowhouse full of Lionel trains.

Favorite Place I’ve Lived: Copenhagen
Comfort Food: Doro Wat
Dream Vacation: Kenyan safari