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Ocie Melanson

ocie-temp-frameOcie Melanson – Stewardship Coordinator

I’m thrilled to have recently joined the Furbish. I’ve always been a people-person, so it feels wonderful to be a part of an open, caring, dedicated and fun-loving team. A huge part of my job is maintaining a home base for our Stewardship crews, my brave road warriors who crawl through roof hatches across 6 states to keep our systems thriving. But my alter ego is on stage. I’m extremely fortunate to work with my husband through Leather and Lace singing the songs of my childhood idol. I love trying to master the vocal nuances, moves, and couture that create an authentic experience. The audience is my energy on stage, and our team is my energy offstage.

Song: Beautiful Child – Fleetwood Mac
Food: Coconut Pie
Author: Stephen King