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Indoor air quality is one of the least discussed environmental dangers, yet it is one of the most serious threats affecting our health. Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors and poor indoor air quality leaves us susceptible to serious long and short term health problems. BioWall naturally filters air and removes several harmful pollutants. On top of that, BioWall offers a dramatic aesthetic – a wow factor. BioWall’s cost is comparable to several other high end interior finishes. Research has also indicated that interior plants can dramatically increase our happiness and productivity.

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BioWall is a thin profile, closed loop interior ecosystem. It’s comprised of tropical plants, soilless media, and a waterproof backing. BioWall thrives in a bright indoor location; energy efficient lighting can be supplemented in locations that do not have adequate natural light. BioWall reduces the demand for energy consumptive mechanical air filtration systems by harnessing the natural phytoremediation capabilities of tropical plants. This process effectively removes common airborne pollutants. BioWall can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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Improved Air Quality
Let nature take the stress out of our air.
Dramatic Aesthetic Appeal
Great wow factor! Stunning and beautiful.
Energy Savings
Reduces HVAC energy consumption.
Water Conservation
Closed loop recirculating system – water is filtered and recirculated.
Ancillary Benefits
Increased human happiness and productivity.

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Contact us for a BioWall Design Guide, including technical details, design ideas, and guidance for incorporating a BioWall into your building.

Contact us for 3-part CSI specifications edited to suit your project.

BioWalls require minimal engineering. The systems are lightweight, impose negligible structural load, and require only simple utility connections. Contact us for additional information.

BioWall is sold as a complete living wall system. This allows us to ensure optimal success of each project.

Installation of BioWall is fast and simple. We supervise and commission each installation. BioWalls are fully vegetated upon installation.

BioWalls are designed to last. We ensure the process of design through installation goes smoothly, and afterward we ensure trouble-free performance. Our Stewardship Program gives you peace of mind. Contact us for a sample warranty or more information about Stewardship.