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2015 Green Roof Rebate: District of Columbia

2015 District of Columbia Green Roof Rebate

Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to green your roof! The District is providing significant rebates and credits for green roofs installed in your neighborhood. Furbish can help you seize this opportunity by offering programs with:

  • Funding Available: Claim your grant funding, up to 100% of the project cost… potentially no payment required by owner!
  • Full Turnkey Program: design, structural & civil engineering, permitting, rebate application, installation, maintenance & warranty provided by a single-source
  • Lightweight Green Roofs: suited to your existing building
  • Vegetative Warranty: your roof will be thriving and green!
  • Existing Roofs: re-roofing may not be required
  • Value Added: increase your property value




Our program is designed to be as easy as possible for you.

  • Contact us for an initial meeting.
  • We assess the viability of your structure to support the weight of a green roof.
  • Decide “go” or “no-go”, select system type and program options.
  • We apply for and obtain permit and rebate.
  • We install your green roof.
  • We register Stormwater Retention Credits (SRCs) if applicable.
  • You then enjoy your new green roof! (Leave the maintenance to us.)




The District Department of the Environment is currently compensating property owners who install green roofs and other technologies to help protect the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers. Learn more at http://green.dc.gov/greenroofs. Washington, DC, like several older East Coast cities, utilizes a combined sewer system, a popular concept in the 1800’s. This system combines stormwater and raw sewage in the same pipes, which convey to the Blue Plains water treatment plant. Because the system combines stormwater with sewage, increased stormwater runoff causes CSOs (combined sewer overflows) in which raw sewage is dumped into Rock Creek Park, the Potomac River, and the Anacostia River. Green roofs are an important tool for reducing stormwater runoff and minimize CSOs.




The green roof rebate is available now for 2015. Applications are based on first come first served basis. A quick format application is completed first to hold a place until a detailed project scope can be submitted for approval of funding.




Furbish is a Baltimore-based company specializing in green roofs and green walls. EcoCline is a high-performance green roof system that retains more stormwater than other green roofs, and is available in very lightweight configurations. We have designed, installed, and maintained green roofs since 2003; we maintain two million square feet of green roofs annually, with an excellent track record of success. Call 443.874.7465 to learn more.



1818 N Street

1818 N Street green roof rebate

Potomac Plaza

Potomac Plaza green roof rebate

French Embassy

French Embassy green roof rebate