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Installation of a Green Roof

We installed an EcoCline green roof at Baltimore’s Philips Seafood World Headquarters. Here are a few highlights of the installation process.green roof install IMG_2718  IMG_2728 IMG_2740  IMG_2742 green roof baltimore IMG_2760 IMG_2762 IMG_2764 IMG_2766  IMG_2772 IMG_2774 IMG_2776 phillips headquarters baltimore IMG_2793 mineral wool installation for green roof IMG_2809 IMG_2812 IMG_2819 IMG_2824 IMG_2832 baltimore roofs IMG_2856 IMG_2873 IMG_2878 IMG_2895 IMG_2897 IMG_2898-2 IMG_2902 IMG_2911 IMG_2916 green roofs in baltimore maryland IMG_2979 sedum trays for green roofs IMG_2989 sedum trays green roofs IMG_3003  IMG_3031 mid atlantic green roof companies IMG_3044