About Furbish

At Furbish, we are stewards. Stewards of living systems. Of people. Of our customers.

We bring our deep expertise, rich history, and steadfast commitment to you, the customer, to enrich lives and enhance built environments. The work we do benefits everyone — and we humbly believe we do it well.

The Furbish Experience

We are a vision-based company putting every decision we make and every action we take in the context of cultivating remarkable experiences while bringing nature into the built environment.

Our customers appreciate that we get the job done not just with the least amount of hassle to them, but also with a desire to exceed their expectations. No matter the project, our history shows you can rely on Furbish to raise the bar and respond.

Working together, we create a world where nature is integral to the built environment — because it enhances building operations, it promotes human well-being, it is sustainable, and it is beautiful.

At Furbish, we help you make our world greener.

Our History

Furbish was founded in 2003 by Michael Furbish as a sustainable development company focused on high-performance buildings. In our early years, we offered solar thermal, geothermal, straw-bale, and natural plasters technologies. After several successful projects, Furbish gained wide recognition in the still nascent green roof industry. We steadily expanded operations to install and maintain green roofs throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Our extensive experience in green roof maintenance has influenced product design, as we have come to realize that most extensive green roofs are too maintenance-intensive. By 2009, after installing and maintaining every green roof system in the market, we committed ourselves to offering a better system — higher stormwater performance, lower maintenance, lighter weights, lower carbon footprints, and better economies. That inspired EcoCline, now a leading green roof system in the mid-Atlantic.

Although we began as an installation and maintenance contractor, we now supply EcoCline to roofers and landscapers to install. Our seasoned installation crew is intimately involved in deployment of new green roofs and other green technologies, often as design-build efforts.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Quality lies at the heart of our business, from our mission statement to our daily operations. Our commitment to excellence in quality is proven by the long-term performance of our installed roofs. On a global basis, the company operates a worldwide standardization process, meaning you get the same quality product at any SOPREMA Group location. Our Quality Compliance Certificate program allows product data to be pulled straight from the manufacturing line to ensure consistency every time.

With the backing of a global R&D department, Furbish’s capabilities are quite extensive, with research and product development coming from state-of-the-art laboratories in facilities operated with an emphasis on sustainable development. In the U.S., our R&D department is responsible for working closely with Furbish experts, architects and contractors to develop innovative, cutting-edge advancements and technologies.

Our Global Mission

Ensure company growth and profitability by:

  • innovation and business opportunities
  • autonomy and the skills of our employees
  • the efficient production of quality products
  • the best technical support in the industry
  • synergy between various sectors of the company
  • the sale of products for roofing, waterproofing, wall systems and civil engineering projects.

Our Global Vision

To be the leader in the areas of development, production and sale of products that meet and exceed the requirements of our markets.

Our Global Values

Integrity and Respect

Integrity and respect should be the basis of our relationship with clients, suppliers, colleagues and the collective building industry.


We commit to excellence in all our endeavors. We must show proof of judgment, professionalism, rigor, personal discipline, perseverance, team spirit and a customer-centered attitude.

The Environment

Our activities and growth should take place against a backdrop of sustainable development aimed at reducing harmful effects on the environment as much as possible.

Furbish cultivates remarkable experiences by bringing nature into the built environment, enriching lives, and helping you make the world greener.