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About Furbish

About Furbish

Furbish innovates and develops living systems, primarily green roofs and green walls, to benefit the built environment. We deploy natural systems, which make economic sense for every building, to improve our health and the environment.


Much of our work involves measuring ecological processes and their benefits, which we attempt to do with rigor and discipline and respect for the scientific process. We are committed to accurately portraying environmental benefits, versus “greenwashing.” We value third-party verification and scrutiny, such as through our partnerships with University of Maryland, The Center for Watershed Protection, and Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Sonde Stormwater MonitoringEcoCline 3+1 DCWeighing Green Roof Sample

(L-R): Sonde monitoring stormwater runoff quality from green roofs in Montgomery County, Maryland; A design-build Furbish green roof in Washington, DC, propagated from cuttings; Weighing EcoCline green roof sample to measure weight and volumetric water content.

Science & Research

Deep research is fundamental to meaningful innovation. Our multi-faceted research and testing program includes in-house testing at our Baltimore facility and third party lab confirmation. We monitor and analyze the performance of approximately two million square feet of green roofs, maintaining extensive records, which has yielded an in-depth understanding of long-term green roof performance influencing new product development, and ongoing stewardship practices.

Weather Station MonitoringGreen Roof Growth TrialsSedum album

(L-R): Weather station and green roof water retention monitoring system on an EcoCline green roof in Washington, DC; Early EcoCline green roof plant performance trials and stormwater retention trials at our Baltimore headquarters; Sedum album: one of the most reliable green roof plants.


Our team is passionate about ecological innovation. We embrace the creative process, and use internal and external collaborative problem-solving to exceed boundaries and deliver to solutions to market. Our customers are very important to us. We strive to listen and come up with the best solutions that meet their needs long-term. We are flexible in how we help them reach their goals, and we constantly look for better ways to improve our service.

Green Roof Media InstallSedum Plug Install

(L-R): Green roof growth media installation; Planting Sedum plugs in a newly installed green roof.


Furbish was founded in 2003 by Michael Furbish as a sustainable development company focused on high performance buildings. In our early years, we offered solar thermal, geothermal, straw-bale, and natural plasters technologies. After just a few successful projects, Furbish gained wide recognition in what was a tiny green roof industry. Furbish steadily expanded its operations to install and maintain green roofs throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Furbish Warehouse Solar Panels

Solar thermal panels on the rooftop of Lucky’s Warehouse, Furbish’s Baltimore headquarters.

Our decade of green roof maintenance has influenced product design, as we have come to realize that most extensive green roofs are too maintenance-intensive. By 2009, after installing and maintaining every green roof system in the market, we committed ourselves to offering a better system – higher stormwater performance, lower maintenance, lighter weights, lower carbon footprints, and better economies. That inspired EcoCline, now a leading green roof system in the mid-Atlantic.


Although we began as an installation and maintenance contractor, we now supply EcoCline to roofers and landscapers to install. Our seasoned installation crew is intimately involved in deployment of new green roofs and green wall technologies, often as design-build efforts.

Our Home

Lucky's Warehouse Furbish Baltimore Skyline Lucky's Warehouse Furbish

(L-R): Furbish’s headquarters at Lucky’s Warehouse; Interior of Lucky’s Warehouse.

In 2006 we bought the Lucky’s Warehouse, a 90 year old, three-story warehouse in the South Baltimore neighborhood of Brooklyn. The building is a demonstration for how we approach building systems, and is a symbol that we are willing to challenge assumptions and implement ideas. We have endeavored to redevelop and operate this property using sustainable approaches, honoring the existing masonry architecture, and attempting to exhibit our values through the built environment.

Our objective has been to embrace simplicity and allow function and form to coexist. We kept the large floors open – minimizing walls and maximizing natural lighting. Our HVAC system is radiant hydronic distribution encased in polished concrete floors. Primary heat is provided by rooftop solar panels and primary cooling is ground source water. We have experienced a 65% reduction in typical HVAC costs while increasing comfort and occupant health. A BioWall provides clean indoor air. New windows improve envelope efficiency while embracing natural daylight. The exterior features a pervious parking lot and SmartSlope walls. We also use our roof, yard, and warehouse as a R&D lab and incubator for our products.

Please contact us if you are interested in leasing opportunities. Vacancies come available from time to time as many of our tenants grow into their own spaces.