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BioWall Stewardship

BioWalls come standard with a two-year, renewable Stewardship Program, including a warranty of all BioWall controller components. Ensuring ongoing healthy growing conditions is the primary goal of our BioWall Stewardship program.

Green wall maintenance

Management of Conditions

BioWalls require management of only a few key variables to thrive long-term. Our Stewardship program is designed to manage these conditions.

Light: Appropriate lighting levels are vital. As lamps may dim over time, we ensure acceptable light levels, which may require replacing lamps or adjusting timers.

Air: Plants require air to transpirate. Some leaves may require dusting or polishing from time to time. We prune to allow light and air between leaves.

Water Quantity: We remotely monitor and control moisture and irrigation cycles to ensure that BioWalls receive just enough water to moisten roots. We calibrate moisture levels, taking into account relative humidity, temperature, and lighting.

Water Quality: We remotely monitor and control water quality, including nutrient levels and monitoring. On-site visits often include filter changes.

Thriving BioWalls typically require Stewardship visits approximately every 4 to 8 weeks to remove spent foliage, prune large plants, change water filters, and field-confirm of some key parameters. Read more.

Remote Monitoring and Remote Control

Our cloud-based remote monitoring and control system provides us and our clients with real-time data and alerts to manage nutrient levels, water quantity (irrigation cycles), and water quality. We can remotely control the BioWall by adjusting settings such as irrigation and nutrient input cycles. Read more.


Access is a key consideration when planning a BioWall.  A person must be physically able to safetly put their hands on all parts of the wall. More information is included in our FAQ.

We are available to assist with access planning and logistics.

Manlift green wall maintenance access

Living Wall Maintenance


Frequency of Stewardship Visits

We sometimes get questions about how frequently stewardship is needed, or what the BioWall will look like between visits. The gallery below shows examples as a response to these questions. Generally, most BioWalls in most applications may be serviced every 6 weeks or so. This frequency may be around every 2 to 4 weeks immediately after installation. Most BioWall plants are tropical plants that shed leaves continually throughout the year. When these leaves first turn yellow, we remove them. So there will be more yellow leaves after 4 weeks than after 2 weeks, and more yellow leaves after 6 weeks than after 4 weeks. The need for increased or decreased frequency is primarily dependent upon the client’s tolerance for a few yellow leaves here-and-there. In some high-end, highly visible applications, we have serviced the BioWall weekly, though every 6 weeks +/- is much more common.