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Design-Build is often a productive way to manage projects involving living building systems, as these systems are relatively new in the North American market, and as these systems rapidly evolve. A Design-Build structure is a great way to achieve fully integrated results, lower costs and expedite delivery. We offer full project life-cycle expertise to ensure success; our expertise comes from having developed, installed, and maintained systems; our uncommon experience bridges consulting, research and development, construction, operations and maintenance, and even renovation and restoration.

We operate in a number of Design-Build capacities. Some projects require systems customized to respond to unique site challenges, and some projects integrate multiple, sometimes unconventional, technologies. For instance, to manage all stormwater onsite rather than discharge, we can work with the A&E team to design integrated systems of living roofs, living walls, and other living technologies with the necessary capture and distribution systems to ensure an efficient and holistic solution. Some of our public clients require novel integrated solutions to meet challenges of MS4 compliance, and Design-Build is a great way to meet these needs.

We endeavor to provide the most elegant solutions for each project. We measure the elegance of our systems by their simplicity, cost effectiveness, low-input to high-benefit ratio. We wow with our commitment to finding the right solution, not the most complicated. Our diverse and versatile team brings to the table expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, horticulture, ecology, urban planning, real estate development, and construction management.

A few of our completed Design-Build projects are shown below.

Design-Build Green RoofDesign-Build Living Roof

(L-R): Green roof at Anne Arundel Medical Center, designed to provide sustainable multi-species patterning when viewed from rooms above; French Embassy in Washington, DC, designed as a lightweight retrofit green roof over an existing waterproofing membrane, taking advantage of the DDOE green roof rebate program.

Design-Build Living RoofDesign-Build Green Roof

(L-R): EcoCline green roof at Potomac Plaza in Washington, DC, funded by the DDOE green roof rebate program, designed to re-use existing roof ballast as growth media while adding high stormwater retention; NIH Library in Bethesda, MD, design included harvesting rainwater to utilize in fountains and as irrigation for semi-intensive green roof plantings.

Design-Build Living RoofDesign-Build Living Roof

(L-R): Green roof on an office building in Washington, DC, completed as part of the DDOE retrofit rebate program; Green roof at Roland Park Country School in Baltimore, MD, designed as a retrofit project over an existing waterproofing membrane, utilizing abundant accent plants such as Allium and Dianthus.