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EcoCline: High Performance Green Roof System

EcoCline: High Performance Green Roof System

EcoCline logoEcoCline: (n) A gradation from one ecosystem to another with no sharp boundary; the boundary is gradual and dynamic, fostering diverse and environmentally stable communities

Green roof EcoCline in downtown Baltimore

A lush green roof showing seasonal interest overlooking the iconic skyline of downtown Baltimore MD.

EcoCline is a patented thin profile green roof system that
mimics the natural growth conditions of drought-tolerant plants

As a result of approaching green roofs honestly and scientifically, we have developed technologies that dramatically improve green roof performance with an emphasis on long term sustainability. EcoCline has superior stormwater management capabilities, and is low input, truly low maintenance, and guaranteed to grow. EcoCline is designed to be truly sustainable by reducing carbon footprint, utilizing waste stream materials, requiring minimal maintenance, and minimizing nutrient runoff.

EcoCline System Structure

Green Roof EcoCline

EcoCline Living Roof Profile

Green Roof EcoCline profile

EcoCline living roof profile

Typical installations are 2 to 5 inches deep, weighing approximately 15 to 35 pounds per square foot. For example, an EcoCline 2+2 system (4 inch depth) weighs approximately 29 lbs/sf and retains 2.2-inches of rainfall (1.6 gallons per square foot), providing stormwater performance in a 4-inch profile equivalent to a traditional 8-inch profile. Check out other profiles in our EcoCline Brochure or EcoCline Data Sheets.

Typical Green Roof Details

Green Roof Details Interactive Photo

This image of an EcoCline green roof in Montgomery County Maryland demonstrates several potential details that can occur in typical living roof design. Mouse/ Click around the photo to learn more and download detail files.

Green Roof Details Interactive Photo
Green Roof at Drain Edging with Gravel Condition Rooftop Equipment Pavers on Media Pavers on Pedestals

Green Roof at Drain

green roof drain with ballast

Here is an example of when a green roof meets an overflow drain surrounded by ballast. Download more details Here.

Edging with Gravel Condition

Living roof at edge with gravel

Here is an example of a green roof at edging with gravel condition. Download more details Here.

Rooftop Equipment

Living roof at roof equipment

Here is an example of a green roof coming up against rooftop equipment. Download more details Here.

Pavers on Media

Here is an example of a green roof with pavers directly on media. Download more details  Here.

Pavers on Pedestals

Pavers on Pedestals

Here is an example of green roof with pavers on pedestals. Download more details Here.

Storm Water Management

EcoCline is lightweight and suitable for use on existing structures with limited roof structural capacity. Retrofitting existing buildings within urban areas will contribute significantly to building owners’ and property mangers’ ability to conform to progressive stormwater management regulations.

The system utilizes a coarse aggregate zone that is hospitable to Sedums and related species, but hostile to weeds. The primary rooting zone is composed of a range of aggregate sizes and organic matter. A high-capacity water retention layer absorbs stormwater and irrigates plants. For additional detail please view the EcoCline Brochure or EcoCline Data Sheets.

Key Product Features

Guaranteed Plant Performance
Cultivates reliable, healthy coverage. Deters weed germination.
Superior Stormwater Management
Greater storage, recharge & peak flow reduction. Less nutrient runoff.
Light Environmental Footprint
Locally Sourced. High Recycled Component Content. Contributes to LEED.
Truly Low Maintenance
Low input. Nutrient & dimensionally stable. Stewardship plan is included.
No BS Warranty
Maximum protection without the BS. Even our warranty is weed free.
More With Less
Increased performance with less input and lighter weight.

Green Roof EcoCline overlooking Camden Yards

Green roof in fall near Orioles park

Designing / Specifying / Engineering

Contact us for typical details or details customized for your project and for a 3-part CSI specifications edited to suit your project. We can also assist civil engineers in preparing stormwater calculations for your project.

EcoCline is sold as a complete vegetated roof covering system, including all layers and components above the roofing membrane. This allows us to ensure optimal success of each project.

EcoCline is engineered for speed and ease of installation. Contact us for additional information.

EcoCline roofs not only last, they thrive. Each EcoCline installation includes our No BS Warranty that guarantees quick and reliable plant coverage, high system functionality, and seamless interface with the roofing warranty. Contact us for a sample warranty or more information about our Stewardship Program.

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