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Our decade of installation experience informs much of our expertise in developing innovative living systems. All Furbish systems are designed to deliver maximum value using simple detailing, few components, and limited material, for quality and ease of installation. Our EcoCline and SmartSlope systems are regularly installed by roofers and landscape contractors, but we continue to offer green roof installation services as part of a continual process of learning and providing excellence in customer service. Most of our green roof installations are within the Mid-Atlantic region; we install our BioWall system throughout North America.

Our project managers and inspectors have worked as installers. Their work requires developing intimate knowledge of system performance and onsite material handling. Further, we stay up to date on all relevant continuing education and safety training. We provide inspection, quality control, and installation training services for installers of our systems.

Delivering innovative systems requires thoughtful field crews who perform efficiently while respecting relationships to other trades. Our field crews are not just task doers; they are thinkers and learners. And above all, safety is the highest priority at all times.


At Furbish we are responsive and engaged throughout the entire project life cycle. We offer the design team assistance with budgeting, life-cycle analysis, regulatory compliance, understanding system performance, system siting, responding to microclimates, and selecting plants. Value engineering is a term we hear on more projects than not these days; we regularly participate in VE exercises as opportunities to increase value while managing costs. The more innovative the building system, the more critical these design phase and preconstruction services become.


Our commitment to excellence extends through field execution and project management. We understand the value of quick, accurate, and thorough submittals and coordination with critical preceding trades. Our goal is to manage conditions so that we can hit the jobsite on-schedule, rapidly complete the highest quality of installation, and leave with a fully satisfied customer, no punch list, and conditions set up for Stewardship to exceed horticultural expectations. We thrive in this role and we work to assist our installers thriving in this role.

SmartSlope InstallEcoCline InstallPre-grown Sedum Mat Install

(L-R): Hardscapes Construction installing a SmartSlope vegetated retaining wall at The Shops at Dakota Crossing in Washington, DC; Cole Roofing installing an EcoCline green roof in Montgomery County, MD; EcoCline green roof installation utilizing pre-grown Sedum mats.


EcoCline green roof Projects 1
EcoCline green roof Projects 2

Furbish Green Roof and Green Wall Projects


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