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Assistant Project Manager

Furbish provides Furnish, Install, Maintenance services for living roofs, living walls, and other ecological building systems. Our Project Management executes “jobs” – either furnishing of physical product and/or installation services, usually under fixed-price contracts. Project Management begins when job is awarded and is complete when contract scope of work is complete, close out documents delivered, and final invoicing issued. Successful Project Management delivers memorable customer experience while exceeding budgeted margins.

The Project Management Assistant provides administrative support functions to the Project Manager(s) in manner that maximizes PM’s ability to interact directly with clients and move projects toward closure in most efficient manner with best experience for our customer. In essence, the PM Assistant generates the documentation/coordination required to execute the PM’s decisions. Successful performance of the role enables the PM to deliver maximum volume of work with outstanding customer experience and high profit margins.

  • Maintain job files and documentation on network directory in timely, organized manner.
  • Generate submittal packages in complete, professional manner and distribute in timely manner.
  • Updates drawing details as necessary for job specific needs (usually submittals or change orders).
  • Manage the execution of contracts and change orders. Coordinate language changes, versions, signature copies until final executed copies in hand. Delete obsolete working documents when appropriate. Assist in drafting, managing alternative language for key clauses to protect company interests. (Signing contracts for the company is reserved for president/ceo only).
  • Generates progress billings in timely manner for PM to review. Makes necessary adjustments and coordinates with accounting to ensure invoicing sent properly to clients within specified contract timeframes. Follows-up with clients to confirm invoicing is on time, accurate, and approved.
  • Assists PM in procurement process as defined by PM – issuing RFQs from vendors, issuing PO’s to vendors, coordinating with accounting to keep PO’s accurate, coordinating with vendors for delivery locations/timing.
  • Assists with any project coordination/logistics requested by PM. This may be scheduling of subs, attending on-site progress meetings, taking notes at team meetings, etc.
  • Maintain product and process data in tidy manner so as to make operation efficient. Examples may include vehicle/equipment maintenance records, safety certifications, crew training certifications, or any ongoing documentation management needed by the PM.
  • Assists PM and Crew Leaders with material inventory and restocking orders.
  • If time and capacity exist beyond full support to PM, PM Assistant will support the Estimating/Inside Sales function as well. This may include download of plans/specs, review of plans/specs, doing takeoffs, managing items data base in LMN, etc. Such duties to be defined if/when capacity to help this role is demonstrated.
  • Demonstrated experience with commercial construction documentation – plans/specs, fixed-price contracts, submittals, progress billings, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience in administrative support functions – scheduling, logistics, executive administrative support.
  • Professional communications skills, both written and verbal. (written test may be required).
  • Demonstrated spreadsheet (Excel) competence. Excel (or equivalent) must be readily deployed tool. Ability to self-learn additional functionality as needed is expected.
  • Electronic drawing capabilities are a plus. Ability to learn drawing tools is required. (Autocad, Planswift, Adobe, etc.)
  • College education is expected, but not required. Proven OTJ experience supersedes formal education.
  • Passion for our company vision and values:
    • Initiative – ability to self-manage and be productive without waiting for next delegated task
    • Learning – strives to learn more about sustainability, our industry, our competitors, our business process improvement.
    • Customer Experience – constant improvement on creative ways to make customer experience more profound.
    • Judgment – capacity to gauge major/minor factors. Can make decisions on the fly with understanding of rationale for the decision. Willing to act and defend. Understands mistakes will be made and we learn from them. Not acting for fear of mistakes is unacceptable. Learning from mistakes is evidence of high performance.
    • Growth – strives to understand position of superiors. Actions demonstrate ability to walk in superior’s shoes.

Project Manager (currently Doug Leasure)

Position: Assistant Project Manager

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September 1, 2020
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