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BioWall Technician

Furbish provides Furnish, Install, Maintenance services for living roofs, living walls, and other ecological building systems.  Our BioWall Department executes projects requiring planted panels to be fabricated, planted, and grown-out in our facility.  When site is ready for installation, we palletize the panels and ship to site for installation.  Once installed, every BioWall gets on-site service in 4-8 week increments depending on general health of the wall.

Stewardship begins when the installation is commissioned.  The BioWall Technician understands and is skilled in procedures for fabrication, growout, installation, and stewardship.  He/she can be assigned to any Install or Stewardship job and execute tasks assigned by that manager.  The Technician is expected to engage in product enhancement and new product development dialogue and prototyping.  At all times, we are committed to memorable customer experience while exceeding budgeted margins.

Reports To

BioWall Manager (currently Michael Furbish)

  • Makes safety the highest priority at all times. Possesses full understanding of company’s safety policies/procedures.
  • Expects to perform large quantities of repetitive work such as fabricating panels, shaking out nursery pots, planting panels, monitoring growout, and other routine tasks.
  • Has mastered all aspects of our BioWall system including panel fabrication, handling of plant material, irrigation infrastructure, lighting, and monitoring/control. Knowledge of assembly/installation prepares Technician for maintenance work.
  • Technically competent in all aspects of Fabrication, Growout, Installation, and Stewardship protocols. Possesses full understanding of our system’s policies/procedures.
  • Demonstrates leadership skills by mastering the current role. If working with others, leads the crew through example.
  • Communicates professionally and respectfully with on-site contacts to nurture customer relationships. Communicates with (including being responsive to) supervisor and main office in timely manner at all times.
  • Masters use of company’s reporting software (Kaption at this time). Demonstrates ability to write with proper grammar in concise, effective manner.
  • Operates and maintains company vehicles and equipment assigned to your use. Coordinates long-term and preventative maintenance to ensure safety and maximum usefulness of vehicles and equipment.
  • Collaborates effectively with supervisor, horticulturalist, and all company personnel. Daily interaction with PM and Manager is key.
  • College education is desired.  High school (GED) education is expected, but not required.  Proven experience supersedes formal education.
  • Writing and verbal communication skills.  May conduct assessment tests.
  • Mechanical skills to trouble shoot simple irrigation, lighting, and control box components.
  • Ability to use digital communication programs and devices, i.e. email, reporting software, time sheet app, iPad, laptop.
  • General health, strength, and stamina to ensure reliable attendance and performance.
  • Transportation and/or capacity to arrive to work on time every day.
  • Must pass a background check and drug screening.
  • Alignment with company vision and values.

Position: BioWall Technician

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October 19, 2020
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