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Green Roof Stewardship Foreman – Baltimore

Furbish provides Furnish, Install, Maintenance services for living roofs, living walls, and other ecological building systems. Our Stewardship Department executes the ongoing maintenance for these green systems. We maintain crews from the Baltimore office and from the DC location.

Stewardship begins when a living roof job installation is complete, or when we are contracted by a property owner/manager to take over the maintenance of an existing green roof. Our Stewardship team is responsible for establishing and maintaining healthy vegetative coverage and providing reliable ongoing care of the green roof system. Routine Stewardship services include weeding, nutrient management, pruning, replanting, irrigation (when needed), and reporting. We use the term “stewardship” because our approach is to offer oversight of evolving ecology principles rather than strict adherence to original “plans and specs”. Successful Stewardship delivers healthy living roof coverage and memorable customer experience while exceeding budgeted margins.

The Crew Leader is responsible for executing our work on specific job sites in his/her control. That includes safety (always our first priority), scheduling, logistics, crew management, performance of the work, communication with office and customers, and delivering the company objectives of great customer experience and targeted profit margins

Typical work hours are 6am-2pm, but flexibility is required. Length of days can vary.

  • Makes safety the highest priority at all times. Possesses full understanding of company’s safety policies/procedures. Reviews site specific safety protocols with full crew before starting work on any site – ALWAYS. 
  • Is technically competent in all aspects of Stewardship work. Possesses full understanding of Stewardship policies/procedures. 
  • Manages a crew of Stewardship Technicians. Demonstrates leadership skills. Leads the crew through example. Can manage the crew with respect. Inspires crew to high performance and high morale. 
  • Keeps crew properly sized and can recruit new crew Stewardship Technicians promptly in coordination with Stewardship Manager and HR Administrator. 
  • Coordinates project schedules with main office. Ensures all advance logistics have been coordinated. Understands contractual obligations and fulfills them. Knows client contacts and can coordinate schedule changes on the fly. 
  • Assigns crew tasks and records time accurately and on-time in company software systems. Coordinates start and end of day timing and locations. Makes adjustments to daily plans as necessary through the day demonstrating critical thinking to achieve company objectives for assigned roof projects. 
  • Communicates professionally and respectfully with on-site contacts to nurture customer relationships. Communicates with (including being responsive to) supervisor and main office in timely manner at all times. 
  • Generates “maintenance reports” in timely manner taking appropriate photos, drafting relevant captions, and telling the right “story” of the roof condition. Masters use of company’s reporting software. Demonstrates ability to write with proper grammar in concise, effective manner. 
  • Operates and maintains company vehicles and equipment assigned to your crew. Coordinates long-term and preventative maintenance to ensure safety and maximum usefulness of vehicles and equipment. 
  • Ensures crew is adequately supplied to perform work each day. Coordinates the order of supplies for crew. 
  • Contributes to development of each roof’s strategy with goal of achieving full, healthy plant cover and minimizing effort required to keep it that way. Collaborates effectively with supervisor, horticulturalist, and all company personnel. 
  • Demonstrates constant learning in green roof systems, plant selections, maintenance protocols, and system performance. 
  • If increased responsibilities are desired, demonstrates broader learning about green roofs, competitors in local market, project opportunities on new buildings, and generally expanding understanding of the Stewardship business. 
  • College education is desired. High school (GED) is required. 
  • Previous experience with landscaping and/or gardening. Green roof maintenance experience highly desired. 
  • Previous crew management experience required. 
  • Professional writing and verbal communication skills. Writing test to be administered for pre-qualification. 
  • Ability to use digital communication programs and devices, i.e. email, reporting software, time sheet app, iPad, laptop. 
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs, scale ladders, work outside in all weather, and bend/kneel for extended period of time. 
  • OSHA-10 certification desired or will enroll in training. 
  • Valid driver’s license required. Ability to drive work vans and pick-up trucks. 2-year clean driving record preferred. 
  • Dedication to providing a physically and emotionally safe work environment at all times. 
  • Must pass a background check and drug screening. 
Job Benefits

Salary: $45,000-$55,000

Position: Green Roof Stewardship Foreman – Baltimore

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Employment Type
Full-time, Salaried
Job Location
Date posted
July 7, 2020
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