Installation Superintendent – Living Roofs

Job Overview

Furbish provides Furnish, Install, Maintenance services for living roofs, living walls, and other ecological building systems.  Our Living Roof Installation department executes projects, predominantly on new commercial construction projects and occasionally on residential projects.  

Installation begins when the awarded project is handed off from Estimating to Project Management.  The PM coordinates schedules and site readiness with the Superintendent who then prepares the foremen/crews for the job.  Completion of the job is when all on-site activities are complete and maintenance is ready to commence.  At this time, the PM invoices to close out the job.  Successful Installation delivers healthy living roof coverage in compliance with plans/specs and memorable customer experience while exceeding budgeted margins.

This job description is for the Superintendent.  This role requires all competencies of foreman and is responsible for building strong crews with capable foremen exhibiting high performance and morale.  Additionally, the Superintendent leads process improvement initiatives for rooftop procedures, safety protocols, tools maintenance, vehicle maintenance, and general efficiencies for our execution capabilities.  Lastly, the Superintendent is expected to understand, track and manage all installation projects to exceed estimated margins.  That includes safety (always our first priority), and delivering the company objectives of great customer experience and targeted profit margins.  

Reports To

Director of Field Operations (Fletcher MacDonald)


  • Can performs Foreman role with proficiency and executes projects with competence.  If necessary, fills in for foremen if they are absent.
  • Makes safety the highest priority at all times.  Possesses full understanding of company’s safety policies/procedures.  Reviews site specific safety protocols with full crew before starting work on any site – ALWAYS.
  • Recruits, trains, and builds appropriate field capacity, both crew members and foremen.  Each crew needs proper crew leadership and crew competency to perform all greenroof installation tasks. 
  • Inspires crews to high performance and high morale.  
  • Monitors actual costs compared to estimated costs on all active installation jobs.  Initiates corrective action as soon as any project trends below estimated margins.
  • Understands the “contract docs” and maintains clear understanding with PM for execution of all details on the job.  
  • Ensures each crew is able to perform field work in manner expected by PM.
  • Communicates professionally and respectfully with on-site contacts to nurture customer relationships and develops that skill in each crew leader.  
  • Ensures daily reports are generated for every install job daily.  Develops capacity of all foremen to generate such reports accurately and timely.
  • Develops and manages internal procedures for tools, vehicle, inventories maintenance.
  • Demonstrates constant learning in green roof systems, general contracting site management, installation protocols.  
  • If increased responsibilities are desired, demonstrates broader learning about green roofs, competitors in local market, project opportunities on new buildings, and generally expanding understanding of the green roof installation business. 


  • College education is desired.  High school (GED) education is expected, but not required.  Proven experience supersedes formal education.
  • Writing and verbal communication skills.  May conduct assessment tests.
  • Ability to use digital communication programs and devices, i.e. email, reporting software, time sheet app, iPad, laptop.
  • General health, strength, and stamina to ensure reliable attendance and performance.
  • Transportation and/or capacity to arrive to work on time every day.
  • Must pass a background check and drug screening.
  • Alignment with company vision and values:
    • Initiative – ability to self-manage and be productive without waiting for next delegated task
    • Learning – strives to learn more about sustainability, our industry, our competitors, our business process improvement.
    • Commitment to customer experience – constant improvement on creative ways to make customer experience more profound.
    • Judgment – capacity to gauge major/minor factors.  Can make decisions on the fly with understanding of rationale for the decision.  Willing to act and defend.  Understands mistakes will be made and we learn from them.  Not acting for fear of mistakes is unacceptable.  Learning from mistakes is evidence of high performance.
    • Growth – strives to understand position of superiors.  Actions demonstrate ability to walk in superior’s shoes.

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