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Anthony Scilipoti

tony-frameAnthony Scilipoti – Field Operations Manager

Prior to joining Furbish in 2012, I had a wide variety of jobs – from working in hospitality, tending bar in Fells Point, and working as an electrician’s apprentice. Although these experiences sharpened my skills in customer service, working with my hands, and due diligence — they were merely stepping stones towards a sustainable career in living systems with Furbish. After eighteen months with the firm, I feel very confident and grateful saying that I am part of a team that consistently wins with class. I’ve learned a lot on the job and am very proud of our deep commitment to sustainability, especially on the massive scale that we do it. When I’m not utilizing my “loud” personality or motivating my teammates, I enjoy cooking, playing soccer and being adventurous. Whether it’s hiking, fishing or spending time with my girlfriend; I like to have fun while maintaining a positive attitude. I haven’t climbed Mount Everest nor swam the English Channel, I did play two age groups up in soccer as a kid and got to travel to Canada, Ireland, and Italy to compete against international competition. The experience was very rewarding, but working for Furbish, hands down, gets the gold.

Favorite Musician: Dave Matthews
Favorite Soccer Team: Real Madrid CF
Favorite Dog Breed Yellow Labrador