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Brett Isaacoff

Brett Isaacoff Brett Isaacoff – Staff Accountant

I joined Furbish in April 2018 after moving up to Baltimore, MD from Washington, DC. My professional background in communications and accounting has propelled me into working on a number of sustainability-focused projects, ranging from large-scale operations (communications work for FEMA’s nationwide flood mapping system), to mid-range efforts (crunching numbers for a solar energy start-up with projects around the country), and down to small, market-focused campaigns (assisting in the roll-out of smart-mobility public bike- and scooter-share technology). I was drawn to Furbish for its tight-knit team atmosphere and environmentally-conscious mission. I was once a tour manager for a band on a 25-stop nation-wide tour, and if I retired tomorrow I would travel the world. In my spare time, I run an independent record label and enjoy tabletop games, riding my bike, singing to my cat, and going on adventures with my awesome girlfriend.

Favorite Cuisine: Ethiopian
Favorite Artist: Leyland Kirby
Favorite Game: Magic: the Gathering