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Daisy Carlyle

Daisy Daisy – Security Monitor

Daisy Carlyle is a 13 yr old, 20 lb, Italian Greyhound who lives in Middle River, MD with her good friend and co-worker Serena. Daisy has assisted with security operations at Furbish since 2009, initially starting out as a part-time consultant and eventually progressing to having a full-time, quiet, watchful presence at the office. She excels at security work, because of her independent nature, natural suspicion of strangers, and particularly keen senses- especially regarding noises and scents coming from the direction of the office kitchen. If you ever have the opportunity to meet Daisy, it can be considered a rare honor if she deems you worthy to be added to her very short list of trusted associates. In her free time, Daisy enjoys napping, exploring, racing, fishing, and squirrel hunting.

Certified: Daisy has various certifications for both temperament and obedience.
Former professional athlete: In her younger years she was nationally ranked and held racing titles.
Security Monitor: https://youtu.be/x8FNVsbnwWE