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Emily Altman

Emily Altman Emily Altman – BioWall Production Manager

After completing my bachelors degree in physics and math at St. Mary’s College of Maryland I moved to Baltimore and started working for a non-profit farm in the city. In 2016, while working on the farm, I took a part time job at Furbish watering plants and helping maintain the BioWall grow out facilities. Shortly after that I joined the team full time learning the ins and outs of hydroponic growing, falling in love with the Araceae family of plants, and working to make our BioWalls as beautiful and resource efficient as possible. I spend most of my days here hanging out with plants, helping them thrive in unusual spaces. I work with a dedicated team of plant enthusiasts who help me exercise my problem solving skills everyday. Together, we bring unique pieces of living artwork into the built environment.
When I’m not at work I enjoy walking around outside in search of wild edible plants, listening to audio books with my dog, and eating good food with good people. One day, I’d like to own a piece of land with a few goats and too many barn cats on it.

Favorite subreddit: r/animalsbeingjerks
Favorite Convenience Store: Sheetz
Fun Fact: I lived on a cruise ship converted into a dorm my first semester of college.