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John Pickering

john-pickering-frameJohn Pickering – Engineering Technician

Over the past decade I have worked as an environmental consultant for the largest company in the world, sailed over 25,000 nautical miles aboard a fleet of really big sailing vessels, and managed one of Baltimore’s best after-school programs (focused on urban gardening). The common thread among them is that they have kept me close to the natural environment. I maintain a fascination with how people interact with nature, and marvel at methods that are both elegant and seamless. My efforts at Furbish as part of the R&D team allow me to make connections that are as natural and sustainable possible. In my spare time you can find me hiking, sailing or tinkering with a project at home.

Favorite Quote: “The Man in the Arena” – Teddy Roosevelt
Favorite Comfort Food: Salt bagel with cream cheese – but only from Long Island!
Favorite Camping Spot: Shenandoah National Park