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Rodney Chaney

rodney-frameRodney Chaney, GRP – Technical Sales Manager

A native of the Baltimore/D.C. Metro Area and weekend explorer of the creeks, rivers, and topographical features that make up this region, I’ve seen the growing environmental impact made by our built environment. Graduating from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Sociology, naturally the progression from field archaeology and statistical correlation was to head towards a career in commercial construction. However, starting in construction during summers while in college, my interest in sustainable building systems was spurred. Sustainable construction trends improve the relationship between our structures, ourselves, and the natural spaces we occupy. As a hands-on estimator, project developer, and project manager I’ve been involved in full life cycle green roof design, management, installation, and maintenance for 6 years. Having known Furbish, within the industry as a focused steward in the practical application of beneficial living systems, I was drawn to the opportunity where the emphasis is toward the most effective application of these common sense solutions. Working first hand with contractors, engineering firms, and owners, my objective is to aid clients in estimating and incorporating these specified systems to maximize their benefit.

Where…I hang my hat: I live in Catonsville in an almost rehabilitated bungalow with my wife and three year old son who are both a part of my home demolition team.
When: When I’m not at work or hands deep in a project, I’m forgetting lyrics and noodling around on a guitar.
Why: Because, I said so…(Standard answer to a three year old’s repeated question)