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Tom Henry

Tom Henry Tom Henry – DC Field Superintendent

Having grown up in the woods of New England, I quickly gained an appreciation for the outdoors and all living things. I often spent my afternoons exploring my local surroundings; catching amphibians and reptiles, “discovering new species” of insects and simply taking in the natural wonders around me. My introduction to plant life was through (begrudgingly) helping my parents tame the landscape around us, and toying around with bonsai trees. Having emerged from my awkward teenage years and growing up, not much has changed. I remain passionate about the living world around me, and have found that working for a company like Furbish allows me to pursue this in unexpected ways, while making a positive impact on the local environment. I began my journey with the team in 2016, and haven’t looked back since. Helping with the green roof Stewardship department in DC is my game. We get to see the world from a different perspective – enjoying the scenery just a few stories above the rest. I live in DC on the edge of Rock Creek Park with my wife, cat and two parakeets.

Favorite Band : The elastic type
Favorite Lord of the Rings Character : Tom Bombadil
Biggest Regret: I haven’t discovered teleportation yet. It’s disappointing, really.