Elegant and Uplifting.

BioWall brings nature’s beauty to your interior and exterior spaces. Our ultra-thin, hydroponic living wall provides regular, meaningful contact with nature to help improve the mental state of those who live and work around it. Easy to install and maintain, BioWall’s long-lived ecologies and broad plant palettes will enhance the air quality and aesthetics of your space for years.

We also offer SmallWall, a more petite version of BioWall that combines the same green aesthetics, features, and performance as its big brother, but designed to fit tighter spaces.

Naturally Elegant Living Walls

Innovative system.
Smart ecology.
Beautiful results.

BioWall Features

  • icon_biowall_intelligentlydesigned

    Intelligently Designed

    Thin-profile, open-loop interior ecosystem requires minimal engineering. Lightweight and configurable. Simple installation.

  • icon_biowall_calmingthroughnature

    Calming Through Nature

    Boosts mental health by giving regular, meaningful contact with nature.

  • icon_biowall_qualityindoorair

    Better Quality Indoor Air

    Naturally filters air, removes pollutants, and reduces energy demand.

  • icon_biowall_lowmaintenance

    Truly Low Maintenance

    Low input. Nutrient and dimensionally stable. Stewardship is included.

  • icon_biowall_dramaticaesthetic

    Dramatic Aesthetic

    It has a wow factor. Cost is comparable to other high-end interior finishes.

  • icon_biowall_plantperformance

    Guaranteed Plant Performance

    Reliable, healthy coverage. A stable ecology for long-term value.

  • icon_biowall_fullwarranty

    Full Warranty Coverage

    Includes system components, plant viability, and workmanship.

Featured Projects

Furbish cultivates remarkable experiences by bringing nature into the built environment, enriching lives, and helping you make the world greener.