Sustainable, adaptable,
and beautiful.

Our innovative green roof system achieves stormwater management requirements with only half the weight of a traditional green roof. For dollar-per-gallon of retained water, EcoCline is the most cost-effective green roof system you will find.

With EcoCline, you can rely on getting more with less — all with Furbish’s commitment to Stewardship. No matter the project, Furbish has an EcoCline solution to fit your needs.

High-Performance Green Roofs

Innovative system.
Smart ecology.
Beautiful results.

EcoCline Features

  • icon_ecocline_stormwatermanagement

    Superior Stormwater Management

    Industry’s highest stormwater retention … per inch, per dollar, per pound. Minimal nutrient runoff. Maximal peak flow reduction.

  • icon_ecocline_plantperformance

    Guaranteed Plant Performance

    Cultivates reliable, healthy coverage. Deters weed germination.

  • icon_ecocline_lowmaintenance

    Truly Low Maintenance

    Low input. Nutrient and dimensionally stable. Furbish Stewardship is included.

  • icon_ecocline_morewithless

    More With Less

    Increased system performance with a thinner profile.

  • icon_ecocline_fullwarranty

    Full Warranty Coverage

    Includes system components, overburden removal, plant viability, and workmanship.

  • icon_ecocline_environmentalfootprint

    Light Environmental Footprint

    Up to 90% recycled or waste stream components. Locally sourced. American made. Contributes to LEED.

Featured Projects

Furbish cultivates remarkable experiences by bringing nature into the built environment, enriching lives, and helping you make the world greener.