Stormwater treatment — but with style

RainTainer is our rapidly deployed stormwater treatment system sized to fit into a parking space. Installed with little to no site disturbance, it doubles as an elegant canvas. The simple versatility of RainTainer is the perfect example of how Furbish’s innovative mindset produces stunning results that fit the needs of our customers.

For technical information, please contact Michael Furbish.

Artful & Effortless Non-Invasive

Innovative system.
Smart ecology.
Beautiful results.

RainTainer Features

  • icon_raintainer_rapidlydeployed

    Rapidly Deployed

    Typically installed in one day with little to no site disturbance. No permit required.

  • icon_raintainer_superbtreatment

    Superb Treatment Capability

    Up to .36 “equiv. acres” stormwater treatment per unit. Satisfies NPDES 12-SW permit obligations.

  • icon_raintainer_mdeapproved

    MDE Approved

    Uses a choice of established stormwater BMPs.

  • icon_raintainer_flexibleaesthetics

    Flexible Aesthetics

    Designed to double as a canvas for the owner’s messaging or anything else.

  • icon_raintainer_compactfootprint

    Compact Footprint

    Sized to fit in a parking space. Dimensions up to 22 feet x 8 feet.

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