Functional Beauty.

Who says practical can’t be beautiful? SmartSlope is our green retaining wall that replaces the concrete hardscape of a traditional wall with a verdant, vertical landscape without compromising functionality. While simultaneously contributing to LEED certification, aiding stormwater management, and creating an urban natural habitat, SmartSlope is an innovative and versatile solution that simply looks beautiful.

Innovative Green Retaining Walls

Innovative system.
Smart ecology.
Beautiful results.

SmartSlope Features

  • icon_smartslope_plantperformance

    Guaranteed Plant Performance

    Cultivates reliable, healthy coverage. Deters weed germination.

  • icon_smartslope_functionalversatile

    Functional & Versatile

    Versatility in range of batter (70 to 50 degrees). Largest plant pocket of any green retaining wall.

  • icon_smartslope_superioraesthetics

    Superior Aesthetics

    Attractive and adaptable. Minimizes risk of graffiti.

  • icon_smartslope_ecologicallybeneficial

    Ecologically Beneficial

    Creates urban natural habitats, landscapes, and urban gardens. Mitigates urban heat island effect.

  • icon_smartslope_easyinstall

    Easy Install & Low Maintenance

    Lightest weight-to-coverage ratio in the industry. Installed with less concrete, less labor, less time.

  • icon_smartslope_environmentalfootprint

    Light Environmental Footprint

    Less concrete. Lower carbon footprint. Contributes to LEED and assists in stormwater management.

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