Helping You Make Your World Greener

We want to help our customers any way we can while being flexible in how we help you reach your goals. The Furbish team constantly looks for better ways to improve our service to assist in all stages of a project. With our team’s expert attention and diligence, you can rest easy that your project will be a success.

From the very start of a project and throughout, we are committed to helping our customers. Our team works with you to develop solutions that fit your needs and keep hassle to a minimum.

Our commitment to excellence extends through field execution and project management. We understand the value of quick, accurate, and thorough submittals and coordination with critical preceding trades. Our goal is to manage conditions so that we can hit the jobsite on-schedule, rapidly execute with the highest level of quality, and leave having exceeded customer expectations. No punch list. No hassles. In the end, we create the conditions for our Stewardship to exceed horticultural expectations. We thrive in this role and we work to help our installers to thrive in this role.

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We make sure it’s done right. After nearly two decades of building, installing, and nurturing living systems, we know it’s vital to install them properly, efficiently, and with as little headache as possible for you. 

Our project managers and inspectors have worked as installers. Their work requires developing intimate knowledge of system performance and onsite material handling. Further, we stay up to date on all relevant continuing education and safety training. We provide inspection, quality control, and installation training services for installers of our systems.

Delivering innovative systems requires thoughtful field crews who perform efficiently while respecting relationships to other trades. Our field crews are not simply hired hands; they are thinkers and learners. And above all, safety is the highest priority at all times.

All Furbish systems are designed to deliver maximum value using simple detailing, few components, and limited material for quality and ease of installation. Our EcoCline and SmartSlope systems can be installed by other contractors, but the Furbish team knows how to do it best.

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We call this “Stewardship,” not “Maintenance.” Why? Because at Furbish, we dedicate ourselves to carefully and responsibly caring for living systems. That is a commitment that begins before and extends beyond installation. We see firsthand how Stewardship truly makes a difference — and you will, too.

As stewards, we are there for our customers every step of the way. You can rely on Furbish to raise the bar and respond. With Stewardship, no matter the project, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, not because it’s what is expected, but because it’s what you deserve.

High Stewardship equals low maintenance

Living systems are dynamic and evolve over time. Furbish’s green solutions are designed to support “stress-tolerant” and “ruderal” species, yet evolve as the system matures to support greater diversity. Our Stewardship program is led by a team who understands these biodynamics to gently guide living systems toward their peak potential. This ultimately lowers the amount of effort required to care for these systems and fulfills our promise to the customer: a thriving, beautiful, highly functional, and low-maintenance green solution.

Green-glove service

Ensuring ongoing healthy growing conditions is the primary goal of our Stewardship program. As such, we continually monitor, fine tune, and troubleshoot our living systems’ plants and physical components both in person and remotely. We track plant growth, prune foliage, control moisture and irrigation, and monitor water quality and nutrient levels, and more. By providing real-time data, alerts, and regular Stewardship reports to our customers, you can trust your living system is in good hands.

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There are lots of hoops to jump through in construction, and we can help keep you from getting tripped up. With nearly two decades in the industry, we know how to keep projects running smoothly for our customers.

At Furbish, we are responsive and engaged throughout the entire project life cycle. We assist the design team with budgeting, life-cycle analysis, regulatory compliance, understanding system performance, system siting, responding to microclimates, and selecting plants. “Value engineering” is a term we hear on more projects than not these days. As such, we regularly participate in VE exercises as opportunities to increase value while managing costs. The more innovative the building system, the more critical these design phase and preconstruction services become.

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If it wasn’t carefully and artfully done the first time, it will be with Furbish.

Not everyone knows how to properly design, install, and care for a green roof or other green solution. At Furbish, we do. We evaluate the existing living system on your site — from its aesthetics to its stormwater retention capability and more — and make it work better for you.

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Furbish cultivates remarkable experiences by bringing nature into the built environment, enriching lives, and helping you make the world greener.