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SmartSlope Vegetated Retaining Wall

SmartSlope: Vegetated Retaining Wall | Smart Design

SmartSlope logoSmartSlope is a living retaining wall. It replaces traditional, impervious concrete with a vertical garden while maintaining structural functionality.When the planted cells have grown out, the wall becomes a landscape.


Hammerman Area Beach SmartSlope Vegetated Retaining Wall: Five Months of Plant Growth



Light Environment Footprint
Less concrete. Mitigate urban heat island effect. Lessens impervious surface. Contributes to LEED.
Functional & Versatile
Versatility in range of batter (70 to 50 degrees). Largest plant pocket of any vegetated retaining wall.
Superior Aesthetics
Attractive. Adaptable. Minimizes graffiti.
Wet-cast concrete. True mechanical connection of reinforcement strap to the module.
Ecological Benefits
Creates urban habitat, landscapes, and urban gardens.
Ease of Install
Lightest weight-to-coverage ratio in the industry. Less concrete, less labor, less time.

For additional details, view the SmartSlope Brochure.

SmartSlope System Profile

SmartSlope Vegetated Retaining Wall Side View SmartSlope Living Retaining Wall

Contact us for SmartSlope design ideas, or guidance for using SmartSlope. SmartSlope details can be customized for a variety of applications.
Contact us for 3-part CSI specifications customized to suit your project.
SmartSlope is engineered similarly to other segmental and MSE retaining walls. We can assist engineers to get started designing their first SmartSlope wall, and we are available for any engineering questions. We can provide data files for SmartSlope for use with MSEW and SRWall software.
Contact us for a full list of SmartSlope distributors and purchasing options.
Installation of SmartSlope is fast and easy. Contact us for a Commercial Installation Guide or Homeowner’s Installation Guide.
SmartSlope walls have superior structural strength and will last for generations to come.

Designing SmartSlope Vegetated Retaining Walls

If you design in SRWall, download the base file here: SRWallBase Files

If you design in MSEW, download the base file here: MSEW Base Files

If you design in Vespa, the SmartSlope design parameters are already in your software.

Don’t have these softwares but want them? Click the icons below to purchase the software:






Vespa 2

Distributor Network

The Stone Store  Ciminelli’s Ecoasis Garden Center

Don’t see a distributor in your area? Please contact us to coordinate the best distribution option for you.

SmartSlope Featured Projects

living retaining wall located off of Baltimore Washington Parkway, outside of Costco, as you enter Washington D.C.

SmartSlope vegetated retaining wall located at Dakota Crossing.

vegetated retaining wall fully grown out at a residence.

A grown-out SmartSlope wall at a residence.

vegetated retaining wall, growing out, near the shore at a residence.

A residential SmartSlope retaining wall near the shoreline.

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