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Developer’s Success Story – A Solar Integrated Green Roof in NE DC

March 7, 2019 Developer’s Success Story – A Solar Integrated Green Roof in NE DC By Lisa Walsh | Commercial Solar Developer | Solar Energy Services, Inc.   For the newly-finished Taylor Street Storage facility in North East DC, a 17,500 square foot green roof with fully integrated solar panel arrays showcases a value-stacked, elegant design that provides both a cost-effective solution to stormwater management, without forfeiting the solar panels …Read More

World Water Day 2018: Nature for Water

Today is World Water Day, a day when we all take time to appreciate water, consider our own water practices, and make a concerted effort to improve quality and access to this vital resource. We find ourselves amid a global water crisis which demands a global response. It is easy to fall into the belief that individual efforts will not make a difference in the grander scheme of things; a …Read More

Mineral Wool In Green Roofs

Increasingly, North American stormwater regulations require rainfall to be managed within the property lines of any given development. In the urban setting, where virtually the entire site is consumed with structure, the rooftop is often the only available place to manage stormwater. Therefore, maximizing retention capacity of green roofs is paramount and relying on aggregate media to perform that function is – to be blunt – inefficient. Water retention within …Read More