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Businesses Have Embraced Furbish’s Green Walls and Roofs

Businesses Have Embraced Furbish’s Green Walls and Roofs Taking “Green” to New Heights I95Business By Tracy M. Fitzgerald June 02, 2019 When Michael Furbish and his wife Heather set out to construct their new house in Anne Arundel County in 1999, they had two major goals in mind: build a welcoming place to call home, and build responsibly, using natural, sustainable, energy efficient materials. What they didn’t anticipate was the …Read More

Mineral Wool In Green Roofs

Increasingly, North American stormwater regulations require rainfall to be managed within the property lines of any given development. In the urban setting, where virtually the entire site is consumed with structure, the rooftop is often the only available place to manage stormwater. Therefore, maximizing retention capacity of green roofs is paramount and relying on aggregate media to perform that function is – to be blunt – inefficient. Water retention within …Read More