Our Team

Mariana Velasco Forest

Assistant to the Manager of Field Operations

How I Ended Up Here:

After graduating from Notre Dame of Maryland University in May 2021, I found myself looking for an environmentally conscious and rewarding career. A friend sent me a beautiful picture of a Furbish Co. Living Roof and I instantly fell in love. Not only is the company making a positive impact on the environment, but they also have the most welcoming and friendly team.

About Me:

My family is originally from the Bolivian Amazon region, so I have always felt a close connection to tropical plants and protecting the environment. Outside of the office, I love to travel. My favorite city so far is Miami, and I am obsessed with the sustainable policies of Costa Rica. It is next on my wish list!

Furbish cultivates remarkable experiences by bringing nature into the built environment, enriching lives, and helping you make the world greener.