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Tyler Orders

Tyler FramedTyler Orders–
Install Crew Leader

I joined Furbish in June of 2016 after moving from West Virginia to the Baltimore area. I have lived in many places stretching from Southern California to Portland, Maine. I started out on the stewardship team at Furbish and after a couple of months I moved to the install crew. Before coming to Baltimore, I had never even heard of a green roof. With all this being new to me, I was dedicated to ambitiously learn the trade. As a child, I was always outdoors, riding bikes, playing sports and on the go. Being harnessed up on high buildings, working with cranes, and doing good for the environment seemed exciting to me. Some stuff to know about me, I have a beautiful daughter who is full of energy, a great woman (fiancé) in my life and appreciate the simple pleasures in life. I love to cook and I am always open to trying new things. I love raw oysters, lobster and the spiciest chicken curry I can locally find. When I’m not working on rooftops, I can be found making memories with my family or cruising in my 2003 Mustang Cobra on the weekends. Anyone that knows me is aware that, I am a huge car enthusiast and will make as many car shows as my schedule allows me. I love vacations, visiting new places and staying in shape.



How do I like my steak : Medium RARE (blue cheese crust)
Favorite comedy: The Big Lebowski
Favorite books to read: Anything business oriented